Walk 10 or 20 miles for Breast Cancer Care

The Pink Ribbonwalk is back and we want you to be part of it!

Join Breast Cancer Care for the 10th anniversary of the Pink Ribbonwalks on a guided 10 or 20 mile walk in beautiful countryside and support people living with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Care will provide everything you need along the route, from loos and water to free snacks and lots of encouragement! All you need to do is enjoy the walk and raise at least £100 to help fund our specialist services for people with breast cancer.

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire –
Saturday 10 May
Hampton Court Palace, London –
Saturday 17 May
Leeds Castle, Kent – Saturday 7 June
Scone Palace, Perthshire – Saturday 14 June
Chatsworth, Derbyshire – Saturday 21 June


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I wrote on a ribbon for Breast Cancer Care!

The Pink Ribbonwalk is back and we want you to be part of it!

Escape to the countryside and join us at one of five stunning locations for a day of breathtaking views and an amazing atmosphere. We will support you around a beautiful 10 or 20 mile route so you can cross the finish line in style in front of friends and family, with a medal, massage and celebratory BBQ.

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Every year at the Pink Ribbonwalk events, participants write messages of love and support on pink ribbons and tie them to a tunnel of ribbons at the finish line. Whether you can take part or not you now have the chance to share your own message with others online.

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    I am doing this walk for my brother who i lost to the disease and for myself who is a survivor of breast cancer. I have already jumped 10000 ft from a plane and had 2 charity events to raise funds .
    Good luck to everyone doing the pink ribbon walk!
  • For all my breast cancer survivor friends at Bravefront in Alton. Together we can beat cancer.
    For everyone we know and love and hold dear in our hearts,
    I am doing the Pink Ribbon walk in support of 1 friend who has recovered and 2 friends who have recovered but after 26 years and 16 years respectfully it has unfortunately returned.
  • Please stay POSITIVE Iam a Breast Cancer patient in remission <3
    Cancers nasty we can all take the walk and help the others be able to say SUCK IT! it cancer! we can beat this!!!
    Sign up your friends and family today for a truly inspiring day
  • Congratulations to my sister Lesley who got her 5 year all clear on Wednesday 10th April 2013. Love you always. From your big brother Steve xxxx
    I`m walking in company and support with my fabulous husband Lee Warhurst who was my rock throughout my Breast Cancer journey in 2010/11. Now i`m better I want to give a little back to a fab charity xx
    I am doing the pink ribbon walk with my friend Kathy we are doing it for every woman ............
  • For every man, woman & child affected by CANCER, This one is for you !! You have inspired me to walk today, and it will be your bravery that pushes me on x x x
    we will keep fighting for breast cancer,and we will find a cure, strong mental attitude, and a fighting spirit, we will beat it
    To the many brave people out there who have been debilitated by that monster we call cancer, we salute your bravery and we will never stop fighting to rid the world of this scourge!!!
  • For all the women and men I have met through Breast Cancer Care.
    Thank you to all the APRIL 2012 CHEMO BUNNIES , you are wonderful & I would be lost without you. Lots of love & virtual hugs SOUTHPOOL xxx
    Stay strong we can beat this
  • To all the lovely ladies on Younger Breast Cancer Network Uk, you are all truly inspiring and I am honoured to be in contact with you, together we will beat this horrible disease xxx
    I am walking in memory of my gorgeous friend, Annabel. We miss you every day.
    For my sister Dawn who BEAT it and for my friend Dee who sadly was unable to - both were as strong as each other!!!!
  • The very best of luck to all the lovely ladies and Men doing the walk..I had my mastectomy on the 8th feb this year and i know how hard it is for everyone feels..keep up your good work xx
    Im wearing my ribbon to support Margaret & her family and will do everything i can to support them and the charity :-)
    Walking for my mum x
  • For our lovely inspirational daughter. She was diagnosed in March and is about to start her treatment. She has been through lots already, but is strong brave and gorgeous. We love you. Mum & Dad xxxx
    To celebrate so many wonderful ladies - Penny, Vanessa, Stella, Sue, Jackie, Jane xxxxxx
    All the best to the 2013 Pink Ribbonwalk-ers! x
  • I would love just to write in memory of my lovely cousin Marie williams through breast cancer,taken too young.And hope that one day there will be a cure for all cancers xxx
    I will walk for Pink Ribbon.
    Good luck to everyone who is doing the walk whether is 10 or 20 miles, hope you manage to raise a lot of money
  • im going though it at moment but because of my family and freinds im staying strong
    im lucky i fought this evil disease im two years cancer free now and still fighting
    My tumour was cut out 1 year ago tomorrow 04/04/13. I finally feel its all over :-) anybody going through this, it gets better, easier, honest!!!!
  • I am a survivor . My walk is for my loved ones, both the ones with us and those who are gone. My dear father Vincent, our friend Trisha and many others. We will fight this
    Looking forward to attending my very first Pink Ribbon walk this year! Fingers crossed for some sun...:)
    I had breast cancer 2years ago and thankfully am well. I try and do a charity event each year as a way of giving something back for all the support I had and to help other ladies!x
  • Remembering many who are no longer her and celebrating many who are. Wanting to do what I can to mark this and bring about change for the future and for my daughter.
    Thank you to my breast cancer survivor friends at Bravefront in Alton. Together we will beat cancer.
    Good luck to everyone walking or supporting!
  • My Mum had Breast Cancer so l know how hard it is for Sufferers and families who are affected by it. I would like to show my support to all those affected by Breast Cancer and their families.
    Best of luck tomoro all pink ribbon walkers i cant do it,but im dying my hair pink then getting my hair shaved off for breast cancer care. Raise lots of money go girls
    im going though it at moment but because of my family and freinds im staying strong
  • I am walking 20 miles for Breast Cancer Care, simply because I know too many people affected by this. And I wanted to show my love and support.
    I am walking in memory of my amazing friend Sharon. She was an inspiration and a real angel. God bless.
    Thank you for all your support and inspiration
  • I love the Pink Ribbonwalk!
    I want to write in memory of my lovely cousin Marie Williams who was taken from us far to young with breast cancer,and hope that one day we can find a cure for all cancers xxx
    Celebrating all ladies who are braving treatment, have survived or who lost the battle xxxx
  • Where would we all be without Breast Cancer Care? On behalf of all the wonderful positive men and women that I meet each day whilst fundraising. Thank you to the London office for all that you do xxx
    I am 2 yrs in remission from TRIPLE NEGATIVE BC yeah! This is for all the warriors fighting now and to the ones who have lost the battle, much love to all!!
    For the inspiration and help given by all the September Sapphires x
  • Dear Breast Cancer Care Thank you for everything Love from Susan
    Myself and my wonderful daughter Zoe are walking 10 miles at Marble Hill in aid ofBCC. I never thought I would be a member of this club and I want to make sure there are fewer members in the future.
  • My prayers and thoughts go out to all past, present and future cancer sufferers. May we find a cure for this horrible disease so our family and friends no longer need to suffer. Xxx
    To all those brave ladies and gentlemen who have fought or fighting with dignity and grace this awful disease.
    In memory of my very brave friend Linda, who I still miss very much xxxx
  • I am taking part in the Pink Ribbonwalk to support the men and women affected by breast cancer.
    i am doing the 20 mile walk in memory of all my friends and relatives that have fought & are fighting cancer.Love you all xxxx
    Good luck Millie, Tory and Madre! xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xx
  • To all fighting To all supporting and to everyone winning loads love and thank you xxxx
    I will do whatever it takes to help this cause as i wouldnt like anyone to go through what my gran did. i know shes the brightest star in the sky. i will battle on through life in the same way she did
    2 yrs in remission from TRIPLE NEGATIVE BC! Much love to all the warriors fighting and to those that have lost the battle!
  • For everyone fighting the battle, and those who have lost the fight xx
    Supporting my friend on this great event!
    I am walking in memory of Granny Frances x
  • The Pink Ribbonwalk is here
    This is for my Dear Sister-in-law who is fighting Cancer... She is An Amazing person.. Never give up Faith or Hope.. Positive and Strong! Dianne The Fighter!!! Love you so much xxxxxxxx
    To my beautiful sister Heather miss you and think about you every day xxx
  • I am walking because I love the Pink Ribbonwalk and Breast Cancer Care! Lucy x
    For a friend love you and well done xxxxxx
    To all the women out there who like me are surviving Breast Cancer and going through treatment - We are Strong -Love Light and Hope to All :))
  • Walking for Myra Davies Jones, a fantastic teacher who is missed x Orleans Park School
    IFHC. That is all.
    for my brave mum Margaret miller who lost the fight to breast cancer 17th 2012,my world, my life. my inspiration, the bravest woman ive known and was proud to call her mum xx
  • i am 9 months down the line of fighting this cruel disease breast cancer well done to all who are doing this walk we do appriciate all your support x
    You are all doing something amazing - well done and keep on walking! x
    To all the incredible inspirational people who have fought and are still fighting cancer.
  • I am doing this walk in support of my team and my dear friend Heather who at this moment in time is going through chemo for her breast cancer. Her husband Jeff , family and friends love her very much!
    Free information and support for anyone affected by breast cancer in the UK.
    Had an amazing time at Pink ribbonwalk, can't wait to do it again next year and all for a good cause!
  • In memory of the most amazing Parents! Mum (Sheila) & Dad(Cyril) who both lost their fight against cancer.Thinking of Friends I have lost & others who are still fighting the battle! love all Jx
    For my sister Dawn who BEAT breast cancer xxxx
    In support Carlie Buckley of one of the most amazing women that I have the pleasure to know. Strong, defiant and beautiful. A total inspiration to all that cross her path. Love you keep fighting. xxx
  • For all the people who like me have been through hell and back and are now on their way to recovery. For all the people who have lost their fight, we will still continue our fight to kill this disease
    To all the wonderful supporters who make it possible for Breast Cancer Care to be there for those who need them.
    We had a great day at the pink ribbon walk!
  • I am taking part in the Pink Ribbonwalk to support everyone affected by breast cancer.
    I am taking part in the Pink Ribbon Walk to show my total Admiration & Respect for my friend Zoe & all women fighting the evil that is Breast Cancer xxxxx.
    Taking part in the Pink Ribbonwalk is a great way to help support Breast Cancer Care and all the amazing work they do!
  • I am doing this pink ribbon walk not only for myself-a survivor, for my family and friends who have been affected by this dreaded disease.Special mention to my Mum and cousin Colleen, love you both xx
    Good luck to everyone taking part in this years Pink Ribbonwalks
    In loving memory of my mother in law Ruth Russell who sadly lost her long battle on 17th April 2012. Miss you but know you are watching over us all xxx